England V Portugal Weigh-in

Well, everyone bar one fighter eventually made the weigh-in... it has to be said that everyone looked in superb shape for this bill. There's usually the odd fighter who's carrying a few extra pounds round the waist, but literally every fighter looked cut, like they'd really worked to make the correct weight. 

Visitors from Portugal
It's looking like a top line up - the Portugese all arrived safely and weighed-in, all looking good and ready to fight - everything was good natured as usual, but everyone knows the fireworks happen when fighters step through the ropes!

Thrasher V Moissar

There was a small discrepancy with the weigh-in for the Thraher V Moissar fight, meaning that the Estonian (in the expert hands of Keddles gym) had to sauna off a couple of kilos.  No trouble for him, though - like a true pro, just got on with it and came out of the sauna on weight and ready to fight.

Full line up

  1. 67 kg max - Ryan Rutter (Majestic Gym) Vs Ryan Clarke (Stockport Thai)
  2. 59 kg max - Mark Larney (Super Gym) Vs James Hawkesworth (Wigan Thai)
  3. 76 kg max - Seb Long (2 Technical) Vs Mike Dagley (Stockport Thai)
  4. 70 kg max - Oliver Smith (Majestic Gym) Vs Jack Fallon (Franks Gym)
  5. 71 kg max - Craig Jose (The Faktory England) Vs Octavio Vasconceles (Challenge, Portugal)
  6. 68 kg max - David Armstrong (Super Gym) Vs John Kaufman (Fortitudo)   Armstrong failed to make the weigh-in.
  7. 50 kg max - Paige Farrington (Warrington, England) Vs Monia Santos (Dinamite, Portugal)
  8. 67 kg max - Andy Thrasher (Erawan, England) Vs Mirko Moissar (Estonia)
  9. 55 kg max - Dean James (Pra Chao Sua, England) Vs Fernando Machado (Vitoria, Portugal)

See you all at the show.  Let's get ready to rumble!!!!!

Standard tickets are £25, ringside are available for £60.
Phone or text 07973 43 1818 for more details.
Tickets are also available from any gym or fighter on the show.

Parr Hall, Palmyra Square South, Warrington, WA1 1BL


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