The Muay Thai Contender 2011 Line-up

I’m sure some of you remember the excellent Muay Thai Contender series that was aired in 2008 and made even bigger stars out of some of it’s main contestants -  to note, Yodsenklai (the winner) from Thailand, John Wayne Parr (the runner up) from Australia, Dzhabar Askerov from Russia, David Paquette from England and Sean Wright from Scotland to name a few.
Well, the latest series has just started filming in Malaysia to be aired later this year and I have some preliminary news on the contestants on this year’s show, for 2011, renamed The Challenger.
Initial filming has been completed for the trailer and the lads will all be going into their houses tomorrow for the tournament to begin.
Who are you backing to win this year’s The Challenger?
Muay Thai - The Challenger 2011 Contestants
Jordan Watson (UK - Bad Company - Leeds)
Jay Woodham (Uk)
Antoine Pinto (France)
Cedric Muller (France)
Frankie Georgi (Italy - Based in Aus)
Cyrus Washington (USA - Based in Thailand)
Marco Pique (Holland/Suriname)
Fhadi Mersa (Austria)
Jessie Miles (Canada)
Vuyisile Colossa (South Africa)
Faizal (Malaysia)
Unnamed Israeli Fighter
An Unnamed Aussie Fighter  (short guy) *Edit* This is rumoured to be Rhys Saliba.
A few other unnamed fighters…
No news on any Thai contestants yet, but I hope Yodsenklai will be in to defend his title.
I will update this when I know more.


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