Elouise Christmas EP Cover Shoot

My bread and butter work, is shooting fight shows - I absolutely love it, the fast, aggressive movements of the top fighters in the world never cease to amaze and inspire me to capture them in their fearsome glory.

Recently, however, I had a little bit of a change of pace, being invited to shoot an upcoming singing sensation, Elouise, for the cover her Christmas EP - Santa's Little Belter. Boxing gloves were swapped for fur mittens, whilst blood and sweat were swapped for glitz and glamour as Elouise and I spent the day creating the right look for her fan base who couldn't be different than my usual audience! I'd say shooting Elouise was a challenge, but it really wasn't - the concept was solid and Elouise made my job easy by being bloody stunning and professional to a tee throughout.

Elouise has been spreading the word, that to get in the mood I took to method photography by donning Christmas stockings and started singing along with her during the shoot, I'd say don't believe a word she says, but I like the idea of being thought of as a method photographer even if I have to pretend I once wore Christmas stockings to a shoot....

Elouise is bringing 2011 to a close with her much anticipated Christmas EP which will be released worldwide on iTunes at the end of November 2011.  

2012 now sees Elouise embark on her first UK tour as she takes Little Belter on the road playing to sell out audiences around the UK

Here's an exclusive sneak peak of the final cover with artwork by the rather splendid graphic designer Lauren Naylor, along with a couple of, so far, unseen frames from the shoot.

Elouise's Official website: www.elouise.co 
You can follow Elouise on twitter - @elouiseofficial
Elouise also has a Facebook page - www.facebook.com/elouise




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